10 december 2016

Summary of our proudest scientific achievements of 2016

The article Inclusion in Practice: A Matter of School Culture (Tjernberg & Heimdahl Mattson, 2014) has ever since a couple of months back been ranked as the second most read article – with now almost 10.000 downloads – in European Journal of Special Needs Education at Taylor & Francis Online. Keep your eyes peeled for the follow-up article, which is currently in press and will be published in early 2017.

Tjernberg, C., & Heimdahl Mattson, E. (2014). Inclusion in practice: A matter of school culture. European Journal of Special Needs Education.

Tjernberg, C., & Heimdahl Mattson, E. (in press). From Methods and Concepts to Triple Learning Processes in School, Teacher Education and Research.

Throughout the year, I have presented my studies at the following conferences:

  • SMDI, Karlstad (SE), November 24–25. Theme: Text cultures.
  • The third Baltic Sea Conference on Reading, Åbo (FI), August 14–16. Theme: Making meaning – literacy in action.
  • ASLA, Uppsala (SE), April 21–22. Theme: Language and norm.
  • NFPF/NERA:s 44th Congress, Helsinki (FI), March 9–11. Theme: Social justice, equality and solidarity in education?

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